Welcome adventurers – to the lands of Adaje!
And do these lands have some secrets for you to explore.
“Long ago, a battle had been hashed out between the Gods of the world. It had gone on for many centuries before finally settling as they are now. But, it has been rumored for quite some time now that the truce between them is up and a battle bigger than ever before will reign down upon our world. We need brave souls, men, women, or anyone who has the heart to go out and protect our lands! How? You ask. A great legend tells of an all powerful warrior to protect the realms, the Gods could not touch the earth so long as he was fighting . But when their war ended, the powerful warrior was pieced apart along with the God’s treaty of peace and harmony, he sacrificed himself to the cause. Now, these pieces are told to have been spread out to all ends of Adaje and now need to be recollected, so he may rise and fight this battle once more!
So let me ask you this:
Who here will fight for me?…NAY!
Who here will fight for the people?
Who here will fight for our friends?
Who here will fight for our families?
Who here will fight for our lands? Our Kingdoms? Our world?
Come forth and receive my – the King’s – blessings. This ring of the city of Norricksen will help protect you on your quests, fight brave, swing true, and know that we all here have thoughts of you in our minds and our soul!”
King Lorenzo Gavik, of Norricken, The City of Sails

Doom's Day